Dear Lucile:

What an exciting bit of good luck - finding the old Arena article about Mona! I remember it, but it seems far, far away now. Have you looked up Frank Edwin Ellwell to see just how who he was and why? I remember he did a celebrated life-size bronze for Harvard & I think it's there yet.

I know the biorg biography will be (and almost is already, I hope) a fine thing. I must have an opportunity to check minor factual details; no one could avoid such errors, and we don't want any in this book. You can read & I'll comment, whenever, if ever, necessary, and you'll take notes. I hope I'll see the finished book; but if I don't, the pattern will not be damaged, I'm sure. You'll find Bruce Nicoll very eager to have the book, & you'll have no trouble with him or his committee, I know. They are really eager for the MS.

Many more Black Elk's have sold in a year than Morrow sold all together. It will be the same with the Cycle. (The new in color cover in color is impressive

Yes, I'm gaining in that the pain no longer matters; but I'm not me yet somehow

I'm very eager to see you and decide if I still like you ever so little!!

Affectionately -

Arf! Arf! - Lassie to Perky
COLUMBIA, MO. JUL 2[?] 1-PM 1963
____ Air


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