Dear Slade:

On June 10th I had an auto accident in South Dakota on the way to Canada. (I was not driving, by the way.) I was thrown out of a closed car onto the pavement. Strange to say, no broken arms or legs, but a six-stitch cut in the scalp (healed in six days) and my whole body bruised badly, with a rib or two broken and others badly sprained. I'm coming on finely now, and will be as good as new, I'm told, and believe.

The Fulbright grant came through, and I'm supposed to go to India in January for four months. Hope I'll be in shape to go, and believe I will be.


This is just some news. I haven't kept up my correspondence.

Black Elk is being translated into Dutch & published in Holland. The Cycle is coming out in a paper-back at $1.85. Pretty cover.

I still love you.

John N.

Where did you spend your summer?