Do be carefully of the Streamer photo, dear Lady.
Dear Lucile:

I just want to say hello and give you a bit of news.

I'm coming all the way "out of the woods", I feel sure. A bit sore in various ribs, but I can walk a block, and am gaining.

But here's news. I've finally received the release from the old Macmillan contract, and our paper-back edition will be out in August. The cover is a Bodmer painting, & is effective. Talked to Bruce Nicoll on phone yesterday, & he says he has ordered 6000 copies of the Cycle for the first printing, & he expects to "spread it all around". He's also eager for the Lyrics volume, & will bring it out in the Spring.

_____ Over
It will contain the lyrics and two dramas as they appear in "Collected Poems". I do expect him to "spread these around" too.

Lucile, I've been reading Woman-Wine, Nuptial Hymn, and such, and they move me deeply after all these years and old as I'm said to be, but am not! My God! I don't know any poems about human experience that surpass them. And I'm not handing myself bouquets. - And there are others too. I almost know why you urged me to recite some of these things for tape! But I did a poor job being self-conscious!

I do wonder a good deal what the public response to some of these things will be! What do you think?

Here's another bit of news. Enid found a pitifully disintegrated piece of paper with a poem to Volney Streamer on it & and, a photo of Streamer! You never saw his picture, did you? I'll send it.

Bruce Nicoll told me over the 'phone that the Chancellor of Neb. U. told him recently about my reading of lyrics at the Alumni Congress on June 6th.

Nicoll quoted the Chancellor, "I was ashamed of my prepared speech, and refused to give it!" But I told Nicoll I regarded the Chancellor's act as an indication of his merit, not of mine!


I began this several days ago. Since then, I've been writing perfectly lovely letters to India, so they'll be prepared & know what a lovely person I am. I'd fear to shock them otherwise! Am I not thoughtful?

Syracuse University writes me a flattering letter about my importance & asks to be custodian of my MSS, papers, and letters. U. of Mo. will offer copies, of course.

Do you still like me a little? I'm worried!!

Love to you and the others -

John Gaki
You'd be surprised how sore I can get after 9 weeks!!! Jno.
COL[UMB?]IA, MO. AUG 3 130PM 1963


H. Wayne Smith 21 Abbotts Close Eastwood, Essex
Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 East 22nd Ave., Eugene, Oregon.

I will ask American Express to arrange so that I can be in Europe at least a week before proceding ​ to India. Perhaps I can see you'ns!!

J. N.