Dear Bower:

Best wishes for the New Year!

I wish I could talk to you about your experiences in London - especially your impressions of Parliament. It must have been most interesting. I'd like particularly to have some first-hand information about Douglas-Home. I suspect he has a fascinating personality under that unruffled exterior. Lucile says you liked him.

It's bully about old man Stewart! He will really benefit by his experiences. He is just the sort of young man who could gain much. What a chap he is going to be!

I think you know Dr. John Winkelman, the German professor, who was at MU when you were there. He has been at the U. of Nebraska, but last fall he went to a Canadian University. The situation has proved disappointing, and he wants to get back into the U. S. Can you suggest places in your section of the country? He is very good, - fine teacher & scholar. We know the family well, and Mona took a private course with him - reading German classics. She thought he was quite a whale.

Affectionately -

John N.