Dear Lucile:

I've been thinking about you and Bower back in the beautiful House of Happiness. I was very sorry about the mishap and the flooding of the basement, altho' I didn't say so in my longest letter about the biography. By now you are back with your classes, I suppose; and I'm glad you will have "blocks of time" that you can devote to the BOOK. It is going to be a fine thing, I know. I only pray that that I stay in this world long enough to see it, and I think I shall, barring another accident.

Here is an important matter.

My library is being catalogued & placed in

the big University Library. They report the first volume of Chittenden's American Fur Trade missing. It seems to me that maybe I loaned it to you, because I used it so much in the Fr Friends and Glass. Do you have it? This is the rare first edition. Recently I saw it listed at $105.00 $125.00. My set is old and somewhat worn. I used it a lot, but it has notes in it.

Parker is making arrangments with Syracuse for exchange of microfilms of my papers.

I have an extra class as the result of an emergency. I am teaching Poetry '70 — an appreciation course. Have a hundred-and-umpity-umph in my TV course. They On Wed. next, my open circuit TV course begins.


John N.
Please do tell Perky I still love her, fond and true. Jno.
[COLUMBIA, M?]0. FEB[?] PM 1964
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Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave, East, Eugene, Box 5152 Oregon.