Dear Slade:

It was so good to hear from you again! I'm not sure that I owed you a letter, but I have an uneasy feeling about it. At any rate, your friendship is dear to me, and I always have a happy feeling when I see your handwriting on an envelope.

I'm sorry that Sandy Gray did not write you. He is a hopeless correspondent, and sometimes months go by before he answers a letter from me. Yet he is a dear fellow, loyal too. I do want him to get in touch with you and I've jogged him a bit. I think you'll hear fairly soon. I was up there making video recordings for the University of S. D. in November. We recorded for three days. Sandy didn't say a thing

The article you sent is very striking. It does sound as though a poet had been prompting a scientist!
about your letter.

My TVprog course, The Twilight of the Sioux is going beautifully, both on Instructional circuit on open circuit. Really, Slade, it is a rich and very interesting series. I know it would hold any audience anywhere, and I sometimes feel it's a pity that the series should be limited to Missouri. (To think of the poor stuff that is broadcast night and day!)

My traumatic pleurisy does make me very short winded if I do anything much in the way of physical effort; but I'm better (I I like to think) and I want to renew the Fulbright business this spring.

Love to you, younger brother!

John N.
Do give my very kindest thoughts to your Lady,