Dear Gentleman:

This will be merely a series of scholarly remarks — not a lovely letter such as you wrote, complete with footnotes and things. I always did enjoy Ibid's remarks, and I note with pleasure that you refer specifically to her. (I'm a bit fuzzy on my gender here).

You'll know how to do the Graf incident — with a light touch, of course, but not so light as to lose the value of the story. It really is an amusing story, isn't it?

I wouldn't make much of the gossip business. Maybe you can handle it without making it very

important. I wro talked about Mina Graf because she came back into my mind and I felt grateful to her. Maybe she has no place in your story. Anyway, I'm paying a debt to her, in a way — rather belatedly!

I do feel that I should make my comments on tape hereafter. What do you think? It's a good way to get the whole story told.

I'm eager for the section on the Minneapolis years. Glad you'll note some of the rather funny (and rather well done) light verse (Bixby etc.) Do you know about Bixby? He was one of the very first successful columnists in the U. S. — Wrote on the Nebraska State Journal for some years. He was exceedingly clever[?]be too soon for a big reputation such as he deserved. It was when he was touring Nebraska & turned up before a sprinkling of our citizens that I wrote — & published the verses on him. He once printed some verses on Senator Hitchcock that were widely copied over the country. I'll quote them on my next tape. He had amazing facility in versification, and he was a real humorist. There has been no columnist in these later years who surpassed him — or even equalled — him. No one ever mentions his name anymore and I'm glad to praise him him.

You know I made seven videotapes at the U. of South Dakota in November last. These are now running on the Sioux City station. Minneapolis-St. Paul has asked for them next. After that, Lincoln, Neb., and after that, Columbia.

My TV course , The Twilight of the Sioux is making friends here.

Your waves of affection met mine somewhere near Salt Lake. I'll bet they had a lovely April -like rain out there!!

Bless you, my dear gentleman friend!


I hope Bower snaps out of that flu-cold attack very soon. Give him affectionate thoughts from me.


Hurrah for Stewart and Greek!

If you see Ibid, give her my kind regards.