Dear Friend:

I've just heard from Sandy Gray of the U. of South Dakota, and he is happy about a letter he had just received from you. Sandy is a dear fellow and a good friend. You would like him a lot, and he'd like you just as much. I hope the idea of help from a foundation may work out. And why not?

I think of you very often, and I am thankful for your friendship — more than I can say.

So Harold Thompson is ahead of us! Hurrah for him! He was a fine [m?]an and a good friend. There's nothing sad about his going. He was ripe to go, and I'm so glad for him. If he could only tell us about his experience How I wish he could!

My TV series seems to please people. I get some enthusiastic letters. It is a good series! Even I like much of it. There is talk of videotaping the rest of my Cycle. If my poor eyes are able, I'll do it, I believe.

I wish you could see my dog and cat as I write. They are very near to me and such fine people!

Love to you and Nita. Bless your hearts!

John N.
My series of So. Dakota topics is now running about the Plains region.