____ Obiter Dicta
Dear Lucile:

Before I forget, I want to urge that you have a look at Foerster's The Fortunes of Epic Poetry, especially the Epilogue, p. 215 et seq. Give special attention to pp. 214 and 215. The latter page will delight you, and you can use it.

This will be of great value to you.

I am very angry at you.* Or am I (⁑)? Are you mad at me?

With all sentiments of steam *** —

Drs. Neihardt
====== over
________________________________ *False ***Shakespeare ⁑Ibid
P. S.

You should see the new book by John Myers Myers entitled "Pirate, Pawnee, and Mountain Man". It's about Hugh Glass, and it gives my Song credit for first presenting Hugh. There is a very good page page or more on The Song of Hugh Glass.

Drs. Neihardt

Just read a fine letter from Joseph Auslander, stating his view of my work. Will send it to you.

I do hope you are well. — J.