Dear Lucile:

I'll not be able to get out there this summer, and I'm sad about it. My poor vision and short breath (note*) would make it a bit risky to so far alone, but there's more. If only seeing and breathing were involved, I'd go ahead, and I could make it, I'm pretty sure; but Alice's affairs are pressing, and I'll need all my free cash to help in getting started properly here. Please don't think this is in any way related to the article. It is not.

Note* The short breath is greatly increased by the "traumatic pleurisy" from the accident. I'm all right except for walking a hundred yards or less — Author
I wish you could tell me of about the present state of the biography — what is done and what is in process.

Now and then you have written or spoken very happily about the story you had to tell. I hope you can continue seeing it so.

I'll write more later and send some clippings.

With all the old love —

John N.

You say I am important to you. I want to be because you are very important to me — as a friend far, far more than as a biographer.

I think about Perky, do you? I'll bet you do.

Love to each of you there.

You would love my Lassie dog, also my horse, Right-As-Rain. He has a pet kitten — carries it around in his lips!
COLUMBIA, MO. JUL 25 [?] AM 1964
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