What you say say of Jed and the Messiah is true. All will depend on the statement.
Dear Lucile:

It will be bully to see and talk to you during the first week of September! We can't expect to get much done, but we can renew the old feeling of sharing in "the project"!

I suppose Stewart and Bower will be in Columbia while you're here. It will be good to see them. I did want to have both Stewart and Bower tell me of their experiences in England. — British school life and the doings of Parliament. But everything will be sketchy. Too bad! And it's my fault.

But can't we share your plan and direction, with perhaps some readings?


I'll not be going far to horse shows. We've won at county fairs — notably here at Boone County Fair — a big and important show with many of the best horses.

Did I tell you that Bruce Nicoll says the Lyrics and Dramas will positively appear next spring? They "will go into production" this fall & appear early in 1965 [He says.] The Cycle and Black Elk have done, and are doing — very well.

Do you ever seem to realize how all this will be long after you and I are "dead"? I hope you have felt this.

Pet precious Puffy for its Gaki! Two fine dogs own me — one a lovely poodle — and Lassie.

Love to each of you

John N
_____ Air Mail
COLUMBIA, MO. AUG 17 [?]PM 1964



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East Eugene, Oregon.
After the hottest weather for some years we've had the coldest spell for 100 years! It's almost comical!! J. N.