Dear Slade:

That is a lovely tribute to my work and me, and I appreciate it with all my heart. Once, at least, in the article you reveal your own high merit rather than mine; but I accept what you say most humbly as a gift of true friendship; and I'm grateful.

You may remember Dr. Richard G. Moulton who was an outstanding figure in Chicago University for some years. He wrote about the mingling of natural phenomena with the narrative of human events as you have done, and he remarked "It ranks you with the best" (He meant epic poets). So you and Moulton saw the same. I still hold his World Literature in high esteem. He was a Britisher, and I corresponded with him after he retired to Tunbridge Wells, England.

We are nearly through through the semester. I must spend July in Oregon with Dr. Lucile Aly, working on the biography.

Recently the famous actor, George C. Scott (who was in my Epic America class in 1951) gave a syndicated interview to the K New York correspondent of the K. C. Star. In it he recalled his Mo. University days, and gave me a great send-off. Really very heartening. I did not remember him, but I [?] him in my [address?] book.

Love to you and Nita — bless you both and many thanks.

John N.