Dear Lucile:

I'm just back from a trip into Nebraska and back in time more than forty years — no, actually more than sixty! I lectured and read at Dana College, near Omaha. It was intended as a sort of "homecoming" associated with the Nebraska Centennial. The new auditorium was crowded, the balcony too; and the people came from as far away as a hundred miles. I've had many happy audiences, but this one was one of the best. They gave me a standing ovation, and it was very hard to get them stopped. Bless their hearts!

The World-Herald sent their Tom Allan to do a feature on the lecture and on a trip to Bancroft the

I am delighted to hear of Bower's reception. Why doesn't he like me anymore?!?
next day. Two cars went. In Bancroft they had me talk to the sc whole school, assembled in the auditorium gymnasium.
How those kids rose to me!
A member of the Centennial Commission was there, and he said the school children will take part in the ceremony at the unveiling of the highway marker that will tell the traveller ​ I once lived there. The little house I worked in is to be bought and repaired; and the commissioner said they wanted Neihardtiana for a permanent display.

I wish you could really see Bancroft. The Main Street is pretty sad, but it's a lovely little town on the whole — even has paved streets.

I felt you'd want to know this.

Tell old Stewart I hope he does not lose that tone of voice he got in England. It's good to hear!

Love to you'ns