Dear Bower:

I was delighted to hear from you! And it's good to know that you had a happy visit with my friends, the Kendricks. I wish I could have been with you. Even more, I wish I were going to be at Cornell before you leave in February. We would have a good time, surely! I am still eager to hear of your experience in Parliament.

I'm wondering if you will be in Eugene or Lucile in Ithaca for Christmas. You must be lonely sometimes.

Some nice things have been happening. My old home town, Bancroft, Neb., which I left 43 years ago, has bought the cottage and where I used to write and is restoring and "beautifying"

it as a memorial. I spent part of a day there recently, and it was a very happy experience.

With the old affectionate though thoughts —

P. S.

The cottage is on a quarter block, and the Bancroft Garden Club will make it a lovely place. Incidentally, there will be a Sioux Prayer Garden.made in

My classes are still big and I'm still giving a "live" course on Epic America.