Dear Edna:

Many thanks for your affectionate thoughts of me. I did not get out West last summer, but you may be sure that I'll come to see you if and when I do go West again.

Here is some news that may interest you. My old home town, Bancroft, Nebraskas ​, which I left 43 years ago, has bought and is restoring the property where I used to write, making it a memorial. Also, the State and town have erected a highway marker near town, which states that I once lived and wrote there! Isn't this nice of them?

Then, too, the State of South Dakota has erected a highway marker near the Forks of the Grand River in N. W. South Dakota where old Hugh Glass was wounded. The marker states that I "immortalized" old Hugh Glass with my Song of Hugh Glass!

The University here has established a "Neihardt Memorial Collection" with my library, papers, and a bronze bust of me by my wife who died six years ago.

It is a queer feeling to be alive when such things are being done!!

Give Hugh very kind thoughts from me. And be sure, Edna, that I think of you and old John with warm affection.

John Neihardt
Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
[C?]OL[UMBIA, M?]0 DEC[18?] [?]AM 1964 COLUMBIA. MO. 2 DC18 PM 1964


Edna Skillings, KP Apartment #4, Albany Oregon