Dear Slade:

Have I lost you somehow somewhere? I get to thinking about you, and I feel lonely! Have you been vacationing a bit? I have not moved far from Columbia — only to several horse-shows. Also, the girls, and horses are starting tomorrow early morning for Louisville — the championship affair. If my pony, Right-As-Rain, does his best he may well well be world-champion, so the horsemen say. But more than merit is often needed in this world! I'm not going to Louisville — too much walking would be needed, I'm afraid.

I just heard that the students of Lubbock (Tex.) Christian College will [offer?] a "stage presentation" of my Song of the Indian Wars this winter. It will be quite an affair, I gather. Wish I could be in the audience incognito!!

Just received a glorious letter from a University Prof who, 10 years ago, took my Epic America course. Since then he has taken the doctorate. He said what I've heard so often about that course. I suspect this year may be my last in a live course because of my eyes. But the TV programs will go on.

With the old affection for both of you there

John Neihardt