Dear Lucile:

I'm expecting a line or two from you by any mail now. You've been extra busy (but when aren't you?) By now Stewart is in school, Bower is in Ithaca, and you have started your classes at the University.

Several nice things have happened. Notably, the head of the Speech and Drama Dep't at Lubbock (Tex.) Christian College has written me about the plans they have for a "stage presentation" of The Song of the Indian Wars. The scheme seems impressive, and I wish you and I could be in that audience incognito! The affair will last two hours,

Kansas Hist. Society has a broken file of The Sunflower, but not the number [?] "The Hot Wind".
with a brief intermission. The lady at the head of the Dept is an old fan (new to me), and I was surprised at her remarks about the rhythms and sounds in the lines. I've told her she may use our tape-recording of the Sioux death-chant for her finale, if she wants it.

Ron Hull of KUON TV, Lincoln, says they are running my stuff regularly, and that it is "very popular".

I hear that Gov. Morrison of Neb. is eager to help in arranging a Centennial Laureate tour for me. It would be planned so that I'd have nothing to do but give the give the readings and talks. I could manage, even with these eyes. The tour would be made a year from now, I think.

Do let me know that you are all right. And I want to know about Bower and Stewart too.


John N.
My first class is on the 21st, tomorrow. My classes were nearly filled by pre-registration, I'm told. I don't know final number yet.