Dear Slade:

What is the latest news?

Are you enjoying the display of Autumn colors? (Ours is just barely beginning). And have you seen Bower Aly? When he passed through Columbia, he was so busy that he did not get out to Skyrim with Mrs. Aly. I'm sure he will make make a fine impression If and when you see him, please tell him I sent an affectionate hello.

I had a pleasant time in Nebraska a week ago. I read poetry at Dana College near Omaha. The crowd was from many miles around, and it packed the gymnasium They gave me a "standing ovation" — an extended one! Next day the World-Herald feature-writer drove me over to Bancroft, Nebraska, where I did much of my best work. I left there 43 years ago, but I got a hearty reception. The A member of the State Centennial Commission was there too, and he says they will acquire the little cottage in which I worked and restore it. The highway marker will be erected soon with quite a ceremony, I was told. It gave me a great, happy thrill to be back there!!

I hope you and Nita are in fine health.


John N.