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Dear Lucile:

The fund-raising dinner at Bancroft on March 25th was a huge success. In spite of threatening weather, all tickets were sold ($5 a plate) and the long tables in the big gymnasium were crowded. I was amazed at what they did there. All the clubs of the area helped, and the team-play must have been perfect.

Can you fancy what it was like for me to go back in time and meet so many who knew me directly or indirectly — and all of them feeling warm-hearted?!! It was worth living a lot to have the experience. Forty-four years ago! And the little town awoke

($5 per plate) People came long distances.
from 'drowsing away the days' — and remembered! People spoke of you — and the promoters expressed great regret that they did not hear from you. They actually counted you in — and a letter from you would have been read to the audience. I know you had too much to occupy your mind, and I explained.

In April the highway marker (my marker) will be dedicated near Bancroft on Hy 73. It will be quite an affair, with the highway patrol helping and a good many V. I. P.'s, they tell me. I'll go up again, since they want it so.

You must have had a happy time in Hawaii. I think of you three together and separately and with affection for each.

Always —

John N.
_____ Air
COLUMBIA, [M?]O. MAR 2[9?] _PM 1965


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East Eugene, Oregon
I showed the promoters your letter about the dinner, and they were glad. — J. N.