Dear Lucile.

The dedication of the Bancroft highway marker took place on last Sunday, Aug. 1st. Two cars went from here with Hilda, Alice, the girls.

It was one of the best experiences of my life. No one supposed there would be a big turnout. The highway was blocked for a quarter of a mile with jammed cars and people!! The state officials who were present said it was the largest gathering ever to attend a highway dedication in Nebraska. The speaking was done on a big truck. I made the principal speech, and it went over most happily. That feeling spread up and down the highway crowd! It was a joy near to tears. After the dedication the crowd all went to the city park for a big happy get-together.

People came from all over the eastern half of the state, and some from the western part — as far as Red Cloud. Lincoln and Omaha were represented. I do wish you could have been there. Telling about it does not do the job.

And you should see the progress they have made with the Prayer Garden! It is beautiful even in in this early stage of its development. The little house comes next, and the State Hist. Soc. Secretary was there with an expert on restorations. You must have received an invitation. Many were sent and many enthusiastic replies were received.

Were you actually too busy to write a note of acknowledgement?

No, you were probably across the Pacific.

Bancroft is an attractive and well-to-do town > in the residence sections, but there is little business and the downtown section is, as you know, pitiful. They are largely retired land-owners The farms thereabouts are very productive

Alice and the girls fell in love with the place and the country. They wish they could live there!


I don't know where you are — probably Hawaii. I don't know even now just what I can or should do — whether I should make the western trip. I'll think and decide. Meanwhile, I need to know something definite about your plans.


John N.

The U. of Neb. Press is selling more of my books than Macmillan ever did.



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.