Aly Collection
Dear Lucile:

Several weeks ago Mildred Bennett wrote happily about a letter she had received from you regarding the articles in the Minneapolis Journal. When I last last heard from her she said she would soon be working on the microfilms, which were to be sent to the Neb. Hist. Soc. at Lincoln. I'll be glad to hear that the work is going forward, for as it will be necessary for me to edit it.and I cannot expect to be in this world for many years more, and I do want to see that material saved.

How is your MS coming along? Do you really have time to work on the Biography? Golly! How it would be selling in Nebraska now if it were available! I autographed for 8 hours in Lincoln!!

I'm wondering if you and Bower are planning on going to the Islands to live — ? The idea is a bit saddening — one more link broken!

I'm homesick for the Tour! It was a happy experience — with a dream quality about it somehow. Fine, responsive audiences, perfect weather, no troubles or anxieties of any sort! It was good to have you with us a part of the time — very good.

I have two engagements this week and one next. The latter is for the Westerners in Kansas City. They will drive over for me and drive me back the next day.

I'll be happy to hear from you and receive the good news that I feel you may have.

With the old affection

John N. (The Gak)
[COL?]UMBIA, MO. DEC [?] [PM?] 1965


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.