Dear Slade:

It was bully to see and talk with you the other day! I do wish such meetings could happen oftener.

The little book arrived. Thanks. I fear I should not have given it to you until you had read some better authenticated accounts of similar experiences. I have felt suspicious of Pelly — not that I think he is lying in the main, but that he is too self-conscious, too concerned with the effect he may be having on his readers. His story is essentially the same that many, many have told in various parts of the world with no possible knowledge of each other.

I do wish you would let yourself become familiar with what is known in the field of Psychical Research — you of all people I know. The best approach for you would be F. W. H. Myer's Human Personality — certainly one of the great books of our age — far ahead of its time! If you decide to read it, get the one-volume abridged edition (abridged by the author's son). This will give you the background needed for thinking about the matter at all. You are a 20th-century I'm man, and Myers man, and so is Myers. He was dealing with the subconscious before Freud and Jung came on.

I think I did not give you a copy of the Lyrics — did I? I think I decided to send you a hard-back copy.

I am greatly interested in your next article based on a sampling of the narrative poems.

Have you noted the one in Hugh Glass about the old log house "on a stumpy rise"? It's one of Hugh's brief flashes of memory. There are many, many passages for you to choose.

Then the early early pages of the Messiah are rich in such the stuff you want. And The whole poem is, for that matter.

People reading your articles will actually experience much of the quality of the poems.

You are dear to this old man!

I'm soon to be off on my "valedictory" tour!


John N.