Dear Lucile:

I am not mad at you, because I still don't like you exactly the way I used to didn't, don't I? And I am glad for your information regarding the 1912 files. I'll send this on to Mildred, who has been digging more or less like a beaver (but does a beaver dig? I'm not clear on this point.) She has been looking for an article of mine entitled "Wanted: A New Cervantes". It's quite a hellion, when you know the story back of it. Have you found it? It was in about the geo geographical center of the sacrosanct, not to say holy, Sunday editorial page. I was being groomed for editor of that page, to replace a New York editorial writer. I was then a Socialist for damn good reasons (long since ceased to be, as you know) and I deliberately ruined my chance for for a big boost in importance and pay! I was a I was foolish, but at the time it seemed funny! Do find that editorial for me, please. It took old H. V. Jones about ten days to realize what I said in that article!!!

Well, bless you, dear Lady. And bless Bower too, and Stewart and Jingle!

Love —

John N.
Tell me, was my dream wrong? I saw 140 [guests.?]
Skyrim Farm - Route #7
Columbia, Mo. 65201
COLUMBIA, MO. JAN 18 [?]AM 1966


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