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6-22 '66
Dear Slade:

I see that your latest letter is dated June 10th, and I am proud to note that I have not been so careless a correspondent after all, as I had feared.

I have decided to lecture the last two weeks of the Session at Wayne State, and I will be leaving here on Friday to return about the 10th of July. I did not feel up to taking on the lectures of the first two weeks, and I understand that they are making big preparations for my coming, which is one reason why I am going. Also, I am proud to make a new record —— lecturing at my old school 70 years after graduation! It sounds like a fairy story. There are several places in Wayne where I lived as a boy and during the early days of my creative dream. I will visit these places again —— one where I had that dream that changed my life and one where I vote ​ THE DIVINE ENCHANTMENT. There is a house still standing that figured in my dream when I saw Enid as she would be at the age of 16. I had the dream a year and a half before her birth, and the house that figured in the dream was across the street from where I lived at the age of twelve. It occurs to me to say here that one should never doubt the marvellous ​ because it is marvellous ​. It is the so-called commonplace that is the more likely to be false. You saw that table touching the ceiling. Later, after you left, the table did even more remarkable things about which I will write you later.

Enid and Ollie enjoyed your visit very much, and it is good to know that you were able to see her gardens at their best. They are still very beautiful. Enid has the "green thumb", which I suppose is only love acting on the fertility of the earth.

With affectionate thoughts always for you and Nita,

John N.
John G. Neihardt