Dear Lucile:

It's been a long time since I heard from you, but I am sure you have been too busy to write.

I had a wonderful two weeks at Wayne State —— a rather overwhelming experience. They had a sculptor engaged to do my bust, which will be unveiled in bronze at homecoming next October. At the homecoming, there will be a parade of forty-two floats, one from each of the dormitories and societies, and the subjects of the floats will be taken from my CYCLE. These are high spots in my visit up there. Many asked about you.

Signor ​ Sosa and his son will translate my LYRICS into Spanish. The elder Sosa was Secretary of State for Batista. Castro took over everything they owned and they got out of Cuba with their lives only. I had a meeting with them, and they were very enthusiastic. They said that two distinguished Cuban poets now in this country will help them. The Sosas, father and son, are both poets.

I think I must have told you about BLACK ELK going into Italian.

We have been having a terrible heat wave here, and our state has been declared a disaster area.

With the old affection for each of you there,

John N.