Dear Slade:

Today I received copies of your Prayer Garden article in [?]. It's a bully article, and there's not one error in it! You will insist upon emphasizing my part in the article; but that had to be so, and and you organized the material for use in a most effective way.

On August 7th (next Sunday) the next "Neihardt Day' will be celebrated at Bancroft with the big Black Elk pageant and Sioux Horse Dance. We are all going. I wish you and Nita were going to be there too. It is, I gather, quite an impressive presentation. (90 people in it)

Did I write you about my two

weeks at Wayne State? It was bully! Did I tell you of the new bust and of plans for Homecoming on Oct. 14?

Love to you and Nita.

John N.