Dear Comrade: —

Please have a copy of "The Profits of Religion" sent to me for the enclosed. I wish I could review the book, but don't know where it would be possible to get across with a review. I write for the Minneapolis Journal, which is backed by the Hill interests and I have had a lot of fun now and then slipping over a bit of Socialism when the editor who has a fat belly and chums with Jesus, happened to be too busy counting his shekels to notice what I was doing! Last summer, when he was trying to tame me down for the Sunday editorial page, I managed to invade that sacred territory with a perfectly scandalous editorial, all about the fatal illness of the present system. Some busybody pointed it out to the Old Man, and since then I'm under lock and key, though not fired.

A year ago, I might have gotten action on your book by seeming to give it Hell and all the while industriously spilling the beans all over the lot. But the golden days have passed. The Old Man told me in his best bow-wow style (he practices roaring) that 'not only was my economic theory unsound, but I had no business head and didn't understand Jesus Christ'! He once told me in confidence that "Business is sacred", and he has often stopped me in my work (when I had an office up there) to deliver a sermon firmly based on Scripture.

I was glad to note that The Public gave you a mighty good article.

Good luck to you in your new appeal project! It strikes me as a good plan.

You have been doing wonderful work for the whole human race, and I glory in your fine courage.

Some of the rest of us will have a chance one of these times to get into the scrap with both feet.


Jno. Neihardt Upton Sinclair Pasadena, Calif.