Dear Master: —

I was delighted to hear from you again, and your generous comment on my "Friends" gives me courage. I will not try to tell you how much I cherish your letters. I will keep them for my children.

As to the rejection of "The Roamer" by Macmillans, it means nothing in the long run — and it is the long run that matters. You are Woodberry and "The Roamer" is "The Roamer". I can understand your experiencing some momentary unhappiness; but how successful your life has been and is! It is glorious to know that so many have been influenced by you, and that your influence will go on and on!

I have long since ceased to look for the publisher's name when reading a book. I seek for the personality in the book. You see, I have been a reviewer for a dozen years and have read books by thousands. This is a hard time for publishers, as you know; and they are stripping down to those things that are commercially safe. Alas! How much our materialism has to answer for! And, dear Master, I sometimes feel that the day of reckoning is near.

Well, we who cherish the higher values will be faithful to each other.

I am looking forward to a great quiet joy when I read "The Roamer". I wish you might care to put your name on the fly-leaf, tho' I have not the right to ask so much. I'll give it as much space in the Minneapolis Journal as my editor will allow.

With all kind thoughts,

Jno. Neihardt