Dear Old Man: —

I am genuinely delighted to hear that Boni and Liveright will bring out our beautiful Lilith! And it is so very welcome news that Houghton Mifflin wants a volume of selected poems. What an exquisite collection that will be! And it's good to know that Robertson has come to life again. Congratulations on so much good fortune in a heap!

I wish I could see you doing our great Dago brother! It ought not to be a difficult rôle for you, for your profile is not unlike that in in ​ the famous picture, and your figure is about right for carrying the robes. Gorgeous! Promise me that you will be good and not seduce the fair attendants!

The Clark Smith sonnet is wonderfully well done. It could be yours as to form. Smith has it in him, I think, to be a considerable artist. But so far I have an unpleasant suspicion that he is running away from life. He is young, of course, but not too young to begin to grow up. I don't mean to be unkind; but doesn't he seem to lack he-courage? I wish I had him handy. I think I know the ingredient his character lacks. He must learn to fight among men, and he must lose himself in humanity. There is much more that I'd like to say, but do not care to write. If he were near me, I know I could love him and I'd surely give him a philosophy of life. I judge he hasn't any definite philosophy.

I've been in it up to my eyes. My wife nearly died three weeks ago and only now able to sit up. I have been night & day nurse, housekeeper, cook; have taken care of the children, and have regularly done my Journal work & pushed ahead with my history of Western exploration. Aside from being damned sorry for "my poor doe", I've really welcomed this test. It's been good for me all around. There was never a moment when I felt the least discouraged. Every time I am tried and not found wanting, I rejoice.

I'd like mightily to see you! And O Lord! for a stein of beer with you! I think a hell of a lot of you, Old Man; and it isn't all due to the fact that you're a poet and unique.

Once more, hearty congratulations on all that good news. Your success will always make me happier.