132 9-1-66
Dear Slade:

That was a noble effort you made in your letter of August 18th, and I am happy to say that every word of it was legible. I prefer your own handwriting to typewriting and I am glad you don't use the typewriter.

What have you heard from readers of your article? It's certainly a corking good thing.

I believe I have written you about the Neihardt Annual Pageant at Bancroft. It was a whale of a success. There were upwards of 1500 people present, and the mood of affection and happiness was overpowering.

We have just returned from a 3500-mile trip through the west. We saw Sigurd and his wife in Phoenix and we visited all the tourist traps in addition to some other things. I visited my Grandfather's homestead again in northwestern Kansas. I sat on the low mound which is all that is left of the old sod house. I do love that place, and it has become beautiful in a dreamy, lonesome way.

With affection for you and Nita,

John Neihardt
John Neihardt