134 12-16'66
Dear Slade:

I realize that I haven't written you for several weeks. Since then, I have heard from you through H. B. The fact is that I am trying to keep up with letters, and I have a tough time of it. Enid comes over now and then to take dictation. She is writing this letter for me.

I have some rather exciting news, as the enclosed report will show. I hope you read it carefully, and you may return it to me when you are through with it. Our little group of investigators (four counting me) is certainly getting astonishing results. We are in correspondence with J. B. Rhine of Duke University. He has asked if one of us would come down there to report at Duke's expense. I think we are not quite ready yet. In reading this report, keep in mind that we have flashlight photographs to support our experiments.

You won't suppose that I spend all my time on this experimenting.

On January 19th I am to give a program for the Legislative League of Nebraska at the Governor's Mansion in Lincoln.

H. B. told me that you and Nita are well.

With affectionate thoughts for both of you,

John N.
John Neihardt
JGN:ENF Enc. 1