130 130 9-23-66
Dear Slade:

That was a bully letter, and I think I should tell you at once that I could read it with ease. What stands out in the letter is your news about the Russian Orthodox nun. This is thrilling news, and it shows something of the power that is in the meaning of the Garden. It is really surprising what influence this has on people. Wherever I have told about the Hoop of the World, I have been impressed by its effect on people. Generally I have finished with a recitation of the Prayer, and that always intensifies the effect.

Yesterday I saw the exhibit of BLACK ELK materials in the Library here. It shows various editions, MSS, original paintings, letters, photographs, sacred ornaments, the drum, the pipe, etc. I think the exhibit will continue during the week. I don't know why they decided to have an exhibit. They didn't say anything to me about it.

I am catching up on my correspondence by dictating to Enid, and I wanted to say hello to you without further delay, so "hello, my dear friend, and please say nice things to Nita for me". Does she still go bird-viewing? I ask because I think it is a wonderful habit.


John Neihardt