Dear Lucile:

I can't believe that you have ceased to be my friend. There is so very much that would have to be forgotten — and I don't forget. If I have offended you in any way, I want to know that I may ask for forgiveness; but I can't think of anything that I've done to hurt you.

I'm glad you wrote to Mrs. Vogt for information regarding the pageant on Neihardt Day at Bancroft. It was a happy surprise for all of us, and the pageant was impressive. What seemed most important to me was the overwhelming mood of kindness and affection that developed in the crowd. It was very noticeable and people spoke of it.

Hilda and I went to Wayne for the big Homecoming parade — 42 floats, some based on scenes from the Cycle.

We spent two nights in Neihardt Hall and had a wonderful time — but a blizzard made the parade impossible.

I think I told you — or did I? — about the new busofof new bust of me at Wayne. It's good, really. Two bronze copies have been made — one for Wayne State.

How is Bower?

How are you?

I do hope you are both well. Several days days ago I spoke to Frances McCurdy, and she had no news of you — had not heard from you for a long while.

You two are dear to me. Please write.

John N.

I'm doing a lot of reading and talking, but I've given up teaching at the University My eyes are no good.

I'm [paid?] to stay on the campus
Skyrim Farm - Route #7
Columbia, Mo. 65201
Air Mail Air
COL[UM?]BIA, MO 65201 NOV [?] PM 1966



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