Dear Lucile:

Tom Richards was here briefly yesterday, and I gathered from what he said that in his letter to you he had made it seem, perhaps without intention, that he and I had definitely decided to go out to Eugene together sometime in April. My idea was that he would write to you and ask if you would be willing to let him see some of your sources for his dissertation, if we came out together. What I mean to say here is that it is all up to you to say "no" or "yes". As I stated, I do feel sympathetic towards Tom. Please let me hear from you about this.

I do wish you would write me about the corrected MS I sent back to you. Has this been corrected for the final draft? I feel this ought to be ready when I come out.

With affectionate thoughts,

John Neihardt
P. S. —

Tomorrow I am off for Lincoln again to do a couple of programs up there. I'll write you about them.

Yesterday I talked to all the 8th grade students in the West Junior High here. It was a big mess of youngsters and they were most quiet and attentive. Nice kids!