Dear Lucile:

I am at home again, as you see; and I find myself wishing I were looking forward to a visit with you (and work on the Book), instead of backward. So much seems to have been left in a troubled state. Surely the "pattern" seemed to be against us.

Since returning I have been troubled about the accident. I woke in the night, wondering if I did wrong in going on to the airport by taxi. At the time, it seemed right. I believe you called the taxi for me. The accident was not a very bad one. No one one was hurt; and you were not left alone. I could not have done anything to help, had I stayed. And Maxi and Sig would be waiting for me at the airport in Phoenix.

Certainly I would not have left if you and I were alone". At the time, your sister gave all the companionship you needed, and I know you are busy, as usual, but I wish you would make time to write me. Do you still plan to be at Bancroft on August 6th for the Neihardt Pageant? I do hope so — not only for the Pageant, but also for an opportunity to discuss the Book.

Enid and I are ready for MS, and I hope you may soon have some for us.

I want to know about your father. Do give him my kindest thoughts. He may not remember me, but I remember the twinkle in his eyes!

Mrs. Vogt writes that 684 people have visited the restored study in Bancroft since March. This was up to middle May. The Study will be opened formally on July 9. Affectionate thoughts for each of you there. Is old Stewart at home

John N.

P.S. I do wish you could sent me those letters and the "Baby Book". I had no room for them in my bag.

I want to pay what Mona charged for finding letters. Also, I'll get you Xerox copies at once. —Jno
Skyrim, Route 7
Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO 65201 JUN 20 [?]-PM 1967


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon
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