Dear Slade:

Your latest letter to me comments on my lecturing at the Governor's Mansion way back in January! I am really surprised that so much time has passed, but it's the old story.

I have just returned from another experience in Nebraska. You know this is Centennial year, and they are celebrating with increasing intensity. While I was there, the Governor gave me a trophy, bearing the legend "Nebraska's Poet of the Century." I also received a citation for being one of the "Ten Top Persons" in Nebraska history, I being the only living one of the ten. The choice was made by a poll of historians, history professors, and teachers of the state. The meaning is considerable when one notes what a large number of distinguished people have come from Nebraska. Even J. J. Pershing didn't get into the ten, who were chosen for the contributions to Nebraska culture. I was astonished to be included by a poll of historians.

I enclose an editorial from the Nebraska State Journal in Lincoln. The World-Herald has articles and pictures too. Also, the Retired Teachers' Ass'n. gave me a silver medal, a replica of the state seal.

This all sounds like boasting, but it's my news, and I'm sharing it with my friend, principally because I know you care.

I am deeply impressed with what you tell of your dream experience. It seems to have been what is called a viridical dream. Certainly, it has the ear-marks. I do believe you saw your mother. Such things are well-known, and innumerable instances of the sort have been recorded. The clarity of the vision is important, and also the youthfulness of the face that you had seen last as old —— that, too, is typical. It's a beautiful experience, Slade, and I'm glad you told me about it.

Did I send you a photo of a levitated table? We have had very remarkable results from our experiments here. Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University is greatly interested in us, and he's coming to see us this spring. I wouldn't believe what we have seen if the camera hadn't recorded it.

With affection for you and Nita as always,

John G. Neihardt