Dear Lucile:

I'm beginning to plan the Oregon trip--flirting with the idea of trying to recapture "the first fine careless rapture" of old-style train travel. (It's two nights to Portland) I may decide on a humdrum plane trip.

Please tell me how much of the biography is completed and what we will be working on.

Bruce Nicoll remarked at a luncheon given for me, "I do hope she will give us a chance at the book" I said something about the demand for it in this Centennial year, and and

I do wish you could have been with me in Lincoln! It was a cheering experience. I hear more is coming. JN
he said "My! my!" (If that utterance may be called "saying").

How about the several installments you sent me for correction. I never heard from them again. There was considerable work to be done on the factual portions.

Thanks for the kindly letter to Tom Richards.

I'm so glad you will be present on Neihardt Day in Bancroft. They have completed to Study restoration, and it is now furnished as it was long ago — except for my hat, which they want to hang behind the the door!

With love for you'ns —

John N.
Skyrim, Route 7
Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO 65201 APR13 [?]PM 1967


Dr. Lucile Aly 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.