SEAL OF NEBRASKA'S CENTENNIAL 1867-1967 CENTENNIAL Welcome to NEBRASKAland where the West begins 1867-1967

Dear Slade:

It seems a long while since we exchanged letters. It is probably my fault. I get mixed up in my correspondence.

Since I wrote you last I've been out West — Eugene, Oregon, San Francisco, Phoenix, Arizona. Had one little adventure. Driving with Mrs Aly to the Eugene airport, we did not stop at a four-way stop crossing and we got hit. Nobody hurt this time! (Last time,

[you'll?] recall,) it was I who got badly walloped). There was some considerable damage to both cars. I missed my plane to S. F. by 3 minutes. Took another, and very fast, plane in order to catch a plane to Phoenix. Had to wait 4 1/2 hrs. for the plane to be repaired!!

I'm not encouraged about the biography — after about seven years!

I hope you are well. How I wish we could meet at the Bancroft (Neb.) Pageant on Aug. 6th!! We plan to drive up.

Did I tell you that my The River and I is coming out in the Spring — in both hard-back and paper?

Affectionate thoughts for you and Nita

John Neihardt