Dear Lucile:

I have been eager to know if you saw Bruce Nicoll. I've heard that he is on vacation. Did you miss him?

It was good to be with you again, and I was glad to n meet your friend. I fear I seemed foolish when I spoke as I did about not liking you — and not liking her either! I was happy and I liked her and I spoke too freely, considering that I had just met her.

I enclose a Xerox copy (dim) of a Grand Island paper and a picture of you, Alice, Hilda and me at the Pageant.

Joplin, Missouri, is having a "Festival of the Arts" during the second week in October, and they wrote me to do two affairs in the Festival and ride in the parade! Wow! I think I'd better go, as I may not be in condition to do such things for many more years!

I was, and am, happy about most of the MS you read me. I would suggest very few corrections or changes, and so much is bully.

Did you and your friend see the Study and the Prayer Garden? They say over 700 tourists have signed the visitors' book thi this season.

I hope you are well and happy.

With affection for you, Bower, and our friend Jingle. (Woof! Woof!)

John N.
Skyrim, Route 7
Columbia, Mo.
COLU[MBIA?], MO 65201 AUG18 PM [19?]67



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East Eugene, Oregon.