[Skyrim Farm?] 11-4-67
Dear Slade:

H. B. completed his errand yesterday, and now my heart is warmed, both physically and spiritually! Be sure that I will use that battle of Jack Taylor with deep respect, and as I use it, I'll be thinking of you, old friend — bless your dear heart! Many, many thanks!

I'm feeling some stronger, but I suppose it will require several days to become normal.

Being sick was a happy experience. So many dear dear people came to see me — among them, you & H. B. — and our "Esther" who has a charming TV program on our local station actually came & kissed this poor old man!! She did it twice — bless her! So it is nice to be sick, isn't it?

H. B. is a dear. He told me you were very happy in retirment — and I believe it.

As for me, Slade, no kidding, I'm losing my sight. Doesn't that beat hell?! But I can do that too, if I must.

Love to you and Nita

— John N.