Dear Slade:

Another bully letter from you, not to mention the interesting enclosures.

First, I do appreciate the very generous letter of Ed Christie in which he makes most encouraging comments on this poor old man. Next, the article on the returning buffalo pleases me. I knew they were returning, and I had been assured that if they could be turned loose on the high planes ​ they would take over everything in a few generations, bless their shaggy skins, and their sturdy hearts. I hope there is a place in the next world where they can wander and multiply, and where the white man's curse does not come.

I think I told you that I will be giving a program at the Kearney State College on December 10th. I am leaving for Lincoln in a week, and will stay around there eight or ten days.

Did I tell you about the ghost dog of Spearfish Canyon? Enid, who is taking my dictation for me, has just said that I did tell you in the hospital. I think I did not tell you that we plan to return next May and see what my doggie does when he sees me.

My eyes do fairly well when I use the illuminated reading glass, which I do in my public affairs as well as at home.

With affection always,

John G. Neihardt
P. S.

The reference to THE SONG OF THE MESSIAH is interesting!