Dear Lucile:

The "grape-vine" from Bancroft has brought me a rumor that makes me happy, and I hope it is true. I think it was intended to be a secret; but it leaked, apparently. Anyway, we are all going to be in Bancroft for August 6th and the Pageant, and it will be a joy to see you.

On August 1st, I will be in Grand Island at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie to hear a reading of my SONG OF THREE FRIENDS by a group of twenty actors from the Little Theater there. I wish you could hear this too.

I've just signed an option contract with the Pennington Producers of London on the CYCLE OF THE WEST. What will come of it, of course, I haven't the slightest notion, and I'm not spending any of the money yet. Anyway, it's interesting.

This is just a note to say "hello" and to mention the "grape-vine" news.

Affectionate thoughts for you and Bower,

John G. Neihardt

How is your Father? I do hope he is getting on well and that he may still have some time left with those he loves