Dear Lucile:

Here is some news that I feel sure will interest you and Bower.

Yesterday I signed an option contract for movie rights of The Song of Three Friends and the Cycle with John Pennington Producers Inc. of London. The agent flew from New York, missed his plane at St. Louis, and took a taxi from St. Louis to Skyrim! The agent (an old student of mine

15 years ago
) has [offices?] in Brussels and London. I am not spending any of that money yet(!) but the possibilities are good apparently.

Next Monday, the 31st, I'll fly to Lincoln, and drive from there to Grand Island for the group reading of The Song of Three Friends. This is the initial program in a Centennial series

— I ran across a tape recording of my speech at the dedication of the highway marker near Bancroft. I wish you and Bower could hear it. I feel you'd like it. It did win a large gathering of people strung along the blocked highway for an eigth of a mile!

Tom Richards has collected 600 of the 3000 articles I wrote for the P-D, the Minneapolis Journal etc. He is reading them me., and I am happily surprised, over and over again. Surely I was hitting on all 8 cylinders those days! O, Lucile, I wish you were the one to prepare that volume of essays!


John N
COLUMBIA, MO 65201 JUL 27 PM 1967


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