Dear Lucile:

You will forgive me for not writing you long before this, as I often forgave you, dear dear Lady, for not writing me. "No offense intended," you may be sure.

I sent the MS back several weeks ago. There are suggested corrections on the backs of the sheets. They are best read in connection with the passages to which they apply. There is not a great deal of this, and you will note that I was happy over so much of the MS. When you really have the needed data, you certainly can and do write.

Lucile, the following must not trouble you, for the reason that it need not affect your book. I have I have been urged so much by friends, and family, and fans to do an autobiography, that I have at last started work on one. The It will not be, except in factual matters here and there, a duplication of your narrative; and it is not for publication until after your biography has had its meeting with the public. You come first — and then the old man will do a bit of remembering.

Lucile, this will be my last will and testament. I hope (and doubt) that my eyes will hold out long enough to see the slo book finished.

Here is love, dear Lady.

— John N.
If you send more MS soon, ask me for my address. I may be in Lincoln. J. N.
I have an engagement at KC. on Feb 3 — at the University. Will return here at Lincoln to remain awhile and [unto?]. — J. N.
Skyrim, Route 7
Columbia, Mo.


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.