Dr. Slade Kendrick 225 Willard Way Ithaca, New York
Dear Slade:

It was bully to hear from you, as always, and I was grateful for the article you sent me. I am always glad to run acc ross popular articles if they are honestly written and this one certainly appears to be. There is so much to support the immortality theory but it is little known to the common run of people and is discredited by the very mood of our time. Those who have experienced phenomena are convinced and others are likely to remain doubtful.

I am having a good time with my autobiography. I have about given up the word which seems too stuffy and I call the book a chain of recollections. The title, I suspect, will be THE OLD MAN REMEMBERS, although I would say the book would hardly be an old man's book. I just don't know how to take an old man's view.

I have just heard from the Christian County Historical Society of Illinois. I was born in that county and they want to include me among their distinguished sons in their sesquicentennial celebration. The other V. I. P.'s born in the county are a Nobel Prize winner, an Olympic Gold Medalist and Vincent Sheehan. Pretty good for one rural county, isn't it? Curiously enough I have been working on this period of my life and it seems like more than coincidence that they should write to me now. Surely there are patterns in the universe. This is one of my favorite guesses.

I'm catching up today by dictating.

With affectionate thoughts for yourself and your lady,

John G. Neihardt