Dr. Lucile Aly 1138 Twenty-second Avenue, East Eugene Oregon 97403
Dear Lucile:

I am greatly encouraged by your recent letter, as I understand from it that you will have a batch of manuscript to send to me before long. I have arrangements made for handling the material at once. Mr. Young is a retired high school teacher and a very active person. He will help me with the manuscript by reading to me and taking down my comments.

I am so sorry about your father. It is such a pity that he has to have such a struggle in getting to the other world. That's the only criticism I have of the Lord's business as he takes care of it. There surely should be a better way to exit.

I note, too, that you are actually near enough to the end of your long task to think of May as a possible time for submitting your work to the Press. Won't it be bully to see your book actually in print? And I know, Lucile, it will be a good book. Surely it has been a labor of love as well as of scholarship.

A Hungarian painter from Kansas City will be here three days this week to paint my portrait. He is a very remarkable person, and we are looking forward to having him here.

I have hearl ​ from Mr. Black of Denver University. He is not a professor, as I had supposed, but a graduate student 24 years old. I am glad he is a young man since he is the sort of man who can be interested in THE DIVINE ENCHANTMENT and THE MESSIAH.

I can't be sure that I will be able to come out to see you for the final check-up. If I can I will, you know that, and I will let you know reasonably soon. I have sent your letter on to Enid to see if she might be interested but I have little hope that she would be able to come, especially this time of year.

With the old love,

John G. Neihardt
P. S.

You may remember John G. Madden, who was a student at M. U. when you were there. He was my one of my boys and he has remained almost passionately faithful to this old friend of his. He is a reserve Navy flyer, and he has taken me about — once in a Lear Jet (19 minutes from K. C. to Lincoln). He insists that I let him know when I want to go anywhere and he will

John Madden says he can fly to Eugene in 1 hr 40 mins.!!
be on hand to take me there! I mentioned needing to see you, and he leaped at the idea — wanted to start next morning morning. He will take me to Eugene if it seems right for me to go. But there would have to be a co-pilot (government regulations) and two men could not wait for me to be through talking with you; and I don't want to travel alone with my eyes. (They misinform me.)


— John N.
Your biography will enrich my little book, and vice versa. J.N.