Dear Lucile.

I enclose Enid's letter

I too wish she could do the complete MS; but she is a very homey person and takes no pleasure in absence from her home.

I suppose it maybe possible for her to do my MS, — a year hence. I'd have to be at home to work with her.

Lucile I am constantly receiving requests for information that only your book could give. It is in demand.

My book ("The Old Manetc") develops beautifully. If it goes on as well as it is doing, I'm sure many people will regard it as my best book.

I am now leaving Kansas, and will soon be in K.C. Your book will be a benefit to mine, and mine to yours.

I wonder how we can plan to be together and actually have free time for working together

I'm so happy about "The Old Man" book! It clicks, and I love doing it.

Lucile, you are of very great importance to this poor old man! You are needed now and how you will be needed when I've "gone to my reward "in heaven!! So much depends on you.

I really want to see you. Something will work out.

Affectionately —


Just received your good letter. I'll list the events of past 6 years for you.