Lucile, dear:

That was a precious letter! Yes, I know the book has been done as a labor of love; and I know that much of it was written with "a sort of singing inside". And, Lucile, you will find a heartfelt kiss enclosed. You may place it on either cheek, as you like; but I suggest reverently that you place it right on your mouth, if you don't mind too much!

It's thrilling news that you are really nearing the end.

Here is some important news in connection with the final stage of the MS.

On April 29th I will have an operation on my right eye. I will be out of the hospital on May 5th. Then I expect to be in condition to hear the parts I need to know, and make any comment that may be necessary. If I am here — and that is the plan now — then J. D. Young will read to me and write the comment on the back of the page corrected.

I've been swamped with correspondence altho I have a secretary come in once a week. Then Mrs. Young "pinch hits". She has written you the news. Isn't it bully about the Thomas Jefferson Award? Dr. Ellis wrote me that the whole committee was happy about the choice choice.. And isn't it nice about the final

(See page 5)
March 30, 1968
dedication of the bronze bust? It will be mounted on a marble pedestal & set at the entrance to my collection. That will be on April 20th. The Jefferson award is on the 12th of April. And there is a movement to set a Neihardt Day — annual — on the first Sunday in August. This is already in the World-Herald, but I don't base anything in it yet.

In your concluding portion did you find occasion to mention my being chosen as one of the "top ten" citizens of Nebraska" in its first century?

Here is an arithmetic problem for you: I am at present only 87 years old. I have 4 bronze busts. How many will there be when I'm 187 years old?

>I love you too, and you may share with Bower.

P. S.

I'll be at the Rose O'Neill celebration on April 5, 6, 7. and will give a program at the banquet in Branson.

I think you have some clippings from Mrs. Y., so you know about the portrait done by Szasz. It's a fine thing.

Several hopeful things are brewing. I may even even make some money!

I wish there were some way for me to be with you and read the MS together.

The Neihardt Foundation at Bancroft is flourishing & seems near to [big?] money from a foundation. Yes, the annual pageant will be given on the 1st Sunday in Aug.


LINCOLN MAR[?] 1968 NEB [Neb?]ras[ka Centennial?]1867-[1967?]


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave. East, Eugene, Oregon.