"Standing ovations" and some overflow audiences!

Dear Lucile:

Mildred Bennett has written me about an article in the Fall number, 1967, of the magazine, Western American Literature. It is called "Ethic and Metaphysic:" A Study of John G. Neihardt" The choice of theme is certainly intelligent; and it is possible that the article may be

Fine [moods?] at Kearney and Lincoln.
revealing and written to increase understanding. Anyway, I judge no smarty of the "in" group could have thought of doing it. The comparison could be valuable. No doubt you can find the magazine in your library there.

Did you see Bernice Slote's article in the Centennial Edition of the Prairie Schooner? Some of it is excellent — all of it is good. You'll like it, I'm sure. Mrs. Slote is a "comer" in criticism. She has done important work on Willa Cather.

Dear Lady, your biography is of first importance, being a critical appreciation of a poet's life and work. My recollections (probably to be called "The Old Man Remembers") will certainly make a good supplement to your work. There is so much that no biography should handle.

I'm eager to know about the article mentioned here. No one has ever suggested the comparison until now. I do hope the chap realizes what he undertook. Mildred seems to respect the article.

Love to you, dear Lady —

— John N.