You should see the golden laurel wreath I received from Pres. Mareas of the P.J.
Dear Lucile:

I do too like you — and love you too in the old way! I should have written some time ago, but my life has been crowded. It's no excuse but it is a fact anyway. Also, I've longed for more of the biography. I think I'll go back to my old way of offering correction. Do you still intend to send the When the Tree material? I hope so. If you do, I will dictate my suggestions to be written on the back of the page.

The Neihardt Day at Bancroft was a great success. I do wish you could have been with us. The telegram made

My Golly! How the honors have been coming!
me happy. I know you would come if you could.

My work is booming along. I'm really enjoying the writing, and those who have read the 20-25000 words I have MS are happily excited about the thing, It moves between tears and laughter in an an effortless sort if simple way. Several time it has made

I like the title of your final section — The Laurel Decade!!
even me cry a little and laugh more.

It is in no way in conflict with your book. Even when, of necessity, the same episode is handled, it's not the same same

Have you had correspondance with Bruce Nicoll?

It is a great pity that we can't work together. A great pity!

Let me know how things stand now, please,

Love to you and Bower

John Gaki
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